What to Bring Backpacking?

Backpacking Equipment:

Most of the items in this first section are mandatory.

Clothing (focus on layering)

Inner Layer: to wick moisture away from your body so you stay dry and warm and comfortable

Insulating Layer: to keep you warm

Protective Layer: to keep the elements (such as rain, wind and sun) away

Bring all of the above and MORE if you are unsure. We can always leave extras at the car. Remember that the weather can change without much warning. The best defense is to bring clothes of various layers to better cope with unexpected weather conditions.

Personal Items


For a three day trip, you should bring food for 2 dinners (best done in groups), three lunches, and three breakfasts. Also bring enough snacks such as crackers and trail mixes for the hikes.


Lunch & Snacks

Dinner (recommended to be shared in groups)

Never bring glass containers. Cans are OK but heavy. If you bring canned foods, be sure to empty the content into zip-lock bags before we start off on the trails. Canned foods emptied into zip-lock bags keep relatively well (over several days) if kept away from direct sunlight. Freeze dried foods (such as Alpine from REI) are the lightest but they are also expensive.