Allen Kai-Lang Yu's Professional Biography
Today is Saturday, April 13th, 2024

I am currently an attorney practicing Intellectual Property Law in Silicon Valley, California. Although a lawyer by profession, I still often consider myself techie nerd at heart and still continue to harbor an entrepreneurial edge....

One of my dreams is to create a company that help to revolutionize the world in some helpful and fundamental ways. I am especially interested in the Energy and Biomedical engineering sectors.

I went to Harvard Law School between 2003 and 2006. I enjoyed studying law immensely, including cross registering at the Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Business, and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. But the real pride and joy during my law school years (besides my compositions) are the two papers I published:

  • Why it might be time to eliminate genomics patents, together with the 'natural extracts doctrine' that have supported such patents, IDEA: the Intellectual Property Law Review, Vol. 47, pp. 659-755 (2007). Click for PDF
  • Enhancing Legal Aid Access through an Open-Source Commons Model, Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, Vol. 20, pp. 373-402 (2007). Click for PDF

Before going back to law school, I was a Product Development Manager at BioDiscovery, Inc., where I led a team to design, develop and manage the company's flagship bio-informatics software suite.

Prior to joining BioDiscovery, I was a Software Engineer at Hewlett-Packard's IT Research Center Lab, where I worked actively on various Internet and web services research projects.

And prior to that, I was a student at UCLA, where I published two papers: one on measuring the interface strength of Graphite/Epoxy using laser spallation and another on measuring the interface strength of Ca-PO in dental implants.

To keep my perspectives on life fresh, I enjoy composing music, biking and hiking during my free times.