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In the afternoon of 9/23, we visited the the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City is - without any exaggeration - quite a sight - even when over half of it was under restorations and off limits. We still saw enough to get a sense of the immensity, grandness, and richness of the place as it must have been. Most of the Forbidden City is unforutnately hollowed out - and not just because of the construction. Most of the treasures inside had either been looted by foreigners or are in museum ins Taiwan. With all the restorations, and possible return of the artifacts from Taiwan in the future, I can imagine revisiting some time in the future for a real, eye opening experience....

Entrance to the Forbidden City - even the Queen would walk through this only once in her life - on her Wedding Day
Meg and Scott Parrish
Old fashioned fire hydrant - this is supposedly where they would collect and hold in reserve rain water to combat the frequent fire threats facing the all wooden forbidden city
One of many marble/stone carvings
This is the official business quarters I think (there are many other quarters, such as political, religious, social, private, etc. quarters)
Moat around the Forbidden City
Me and Scott (who has been "borrowed" countless times by others wanting to take pictures with him)

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