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I'd stay some 6 days (9/22/2006 - 9/28/2006) in Beijing. Amazingly, I actually did see blue sky for the first time in China in Beijing! It came, if I remember right, on my 3rd day. Beijing is a huge city, with a huge population that included not just migrant workers but also a large contingent of tourists from all over the world. The city is also huge. Unlike Shanghai, I didn't even try to walk across a large section of the city. Beijing did not dissappoint. I made the best of my time, and I still saw only a small part of the city....

Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Square
Beijing Zoo
Summer Palace
Forbidden City
Misc Beijing Picts
Ming Tombs
BaDaLing Wall
Beijing Cultural Show
Day 1 Excursion
Day 2 Excursion
Day 3 Excursion

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