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The trip back to Taiwan was not to eventful. I did figure out how to take a bus from the train station to the airport. So instead of shelling out some 70 Renmingbi I shelled something like 10. On the bus, I sat next to a Beijing Univ physics grad student, and we had a nice talk about China, science, his research, and his future. What a trip! I saw and felt so much. Most notably, I was surprised by how often I could feel happy and sad - at the same time. I sometimes felt happy to be finally back among my people, but I also felt sad at how distant I was to their experiences. I felt happy to see so much progress, but also felt sad to see why we still need progress and how much more progress was still needed. I felt happy to see so much history yet felt sad to see how much history had been and was to be destroyed. I felt happy to see people's determined purpose to make a better life but felt sad about my own lack of purpose and courage about life. The trip is a beginning not an end - just like my bike trip symbolized a beginning and not an end to a journey.... I hope I will find the will, drive, and courage to claim and do "what I've been looking for" ... soon ....

Away from Beijing to Hong Kong
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Nearing Hong Kong
Hong Kong #1
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