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9/13/2006 - 9/14/2006 (Wed - Thur) - The flight was a long one from LAX to Taipei. Mom & I travelled together. In Taipei, Mom and I parted, with Mom headed directly to rendevous with GrandMom, who was still recovering from a recent fall. I would take another 10 or so hours to get to Shanghai, including a 2+ hour layover in Taipei, a 4+ planned layover in Hong Kong which was made even longer when the flight was cancelled (despite the agents' initial denial at the airline help counter), and actual flight times from Taipei to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Shanghai. After being picked up (with fellow travellers Ken and Alison Powe from Cairnes, Australia) and dropped off at Galaxy Hotel, I courageously took a 2 hour walk around the neighborhood, taking in both the busy streets and the dark back alleys.

At Chang Kai Shek Airport in Taiwan, the same airport from which I emigrated from Taiwan some quarter century ago...

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