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We left early again on 9/15/2006, first going to Zhujiajiao - a Chinese water village. Our tour guide said it was the "Venice of China" - though as I would later find - that term is used loosely, as tmany places in China are heralded as the "Venice of China"...

New houses on short half hour trip on freeway to ZhuJiaJiao
Canal on way to Zhujiajiao
Old houses on way to Zhujiajiao
GiuSheng (save life) bridge
Boat passing by a restaurant at Zhujiajiao
Canal in Zhujiajiao
A former temple in Zhujiajiao
Another view
Me in Zhujiajiao
Me in Zhujiajiao take 2
ZhuJiaJiao - canal clip
ZhuJiaJiao - river clip
ZhuJiaJiao - street clip

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