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Shanghai is my first destination of China. I quickly learned that while taking a tour is ok for a foreignor, I could have and should have visited the country by myself. I'd realize that the best time of the trip was when I struck out on my own. I walked the streets of Shanghai the first night I got there - armed with a map (and a compass in my pocket just in case) and my curiosity. I quickly got over my unfamiliarity, uncertain, and fears... I'd see both the glizzy and the poor sides of Shanghai. Food ranged from $100+ in the trendy sections near the French Quarters and the Bund to $6 noodle bowls in the alley streets. In one of the alley ways, I saw people living in dingy small places - places without indoor plumbing as evidenced by the public (and not so clean) restrooms and showers.

Flight in
Yu Garden and surrounding Old Town
Jade Buddha Temple and Silk Factory
Pearl of the Orient TV Tower and Acrobatic Show
Shanghai Walk

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