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Banff National Park

8/17/2006 - 8/18/2006: These were relatively good days of biking. The ride into Lake Louise was one of the most peaceful and pleasant of this entire trip. I composed at least two songs during the morning ride into touristy Lake Louise. A nagging doubt had begun to form about the trip though, as I began to ponder a fellow hiker's words n response to my question earlier whether Banff was worth stopping to hike - "it depends on what you are looking for." Other than that, things were good: the weather had been beautiful, low 30's in the morning and high 70's during the afternoon, with clear blue skies as far as the eye could see. I was biking well. The traffic did begin to nag me, as there were lots of touring buses and R.V.'s. Still, there were enough moments of beauty and silence to keep me happy. The shoulder is wide; the noise and the crowd is tolerable, though it does make it difficult at times to feel one with nature...

Entering Banff National Park
Morning sunrise
Descent after Sunwapta Pass
Funny sign considering this is a National Park!
There seems to be a "weeping wall" in every national park
Serene early morning riding...
A rest by Mistaya River
Epaulette Mountain ... I think
Rest stop view #2
A mini Grand Canyon within Banff?
Wind shifting just in time to save me from smelling the...
Waterfowl Lakes
Waterfowl Lakes with grand mountains
Waterfowl lakes under cloud shade
Mountain relfection in emerald waters
Crow's Feet Glacier
Peaks seemed to become more jagged here
Riding up Bow Pass
With tourists at Peyto Lake
Self portrait at Peyto Lake
Emerald colored Peyto Lake
Emerald colored Peyto Lake view #2
Stream feeding into Peyto Lake
Glaciers and tree line
Hector Lake and glacier
Hector Lake
Hector Lake
Mosquito Campground (no, there were no mosquitoes)
Leaving early monring for Lake Louise
Hiking up toward Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Portrait at Lake Louise
Chateau at Lake Louise
Portrait at Lake Louise
View of Lake Louise from dining room
Chateau at Lake Louise
Rail trakc and mountains by Bow River
Train approaching on Bow River
Train approaching on Bow River #2
Forest and mountains under blue skies
Highway 1A
Leaving Banff
Leaving Banff #2
Panarama vide clip of Lake Louise
Garden vide clip of Lake Louise
Vide clip of inside Chateau


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