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8/14-2006 - 8/15/2006: While Jasper is really not that far away, it took me 2 days to get there. On 8/14 I flew from Los Angeles to Edmonton, arriving in Edmon around 4 p.m. I then slept over in Edmonton before taking a Greyhound bus into Jasper early next morning. Arriving in Jasper around noon, I took over three hours to get read - i.e. assemble my bike, get fuel, get a new seat rack (sis' didn't fit), and mail some miscellaneous stuffs (extra tools, extra water bottle, sis' seat rack) back home before finally heading to Wapiti camp - some 3 miles south of the town of Jasper.

Took pict right before trip - showed up on my camera...
Walking from South Edmonton to North Saskachewan River
Sneaking a view of government building through a canopy...
Downtown Edmonton
Another view of downtown Edmonton
An old Strathcona Caboose
Old Strathcona Caboose sign
View on 104 St NW on way back to Ramada Waterpark Hotel


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