Biking Through Central California

Biking through Central California was somewhat of a spiritual experience. Since I consider both Los Angeles and the Bay Area to be home, I felt like rediscovering parts of my roots... I enjoyed the many sojourns I took along the way. The ride through Big Sur was especially memorable, as were side trips through San Luis Obispo, San Simeon, and Santa Barbara.

Central California was supposed to be physically challenging - though I didn't feel challenged at all. Perhaps the diverse terrains - dramatic, steep coastlines to rolling, mellow beaches - helped to take my mind off the physical exertion. For those who is going to bike this route, remember that the Big Sur region, despite its popularity, is sparesly populated. Make sure to load up on food and water. Once you pass Ragged Point, resupplying becomes much easier. Your focus then shifts to dealing with urban sprawl and traffic.

Day 26 Hiking along the hills around Vet's Memorial in Monetery.
Day 27 In the background is one of the many bridges I crossed in Monterey. These arroyo spanning bridges made riding across the switch backs in Monterey much smoother and easier than riding across those in Northern California.
Day 27 A shot of the typical vegetation in Big Sur.
Day 27 Resting after climbing a small bluff.
Day 27 I win the bet with Grace! Waterfalls can fall directly into the ocean (Julia Pfeiffer Burns SP)!!!
Day 27 Another hill, another bridge, another cove...
Day 27 Sunset at camp in Kirk Creek.
Day 28 Past the last of the big hills of Big Sur, past Ragged Point, and heading into San Luis Obispo County. Should this be the start of Southern California?
Day 28 Into San Luis Obispo County and heading towards Hearst Castle.
Day 29 Pleasant little excursion into Morro Rock - a little touristy town. In the background is the Morro Rock. In the foreground lies the sandy muck on which I noticed several people “shrimp fishing.”
Day 29 Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa in downtown San Luis Obispo.
Day 30 Sample of dry, “boring” terrain around Vandenberg Airforce / Lompoc area.
Day 30 Leaving Lompoc and starting another 1000 ft. climb.
Day 30 Top of the hill, decending toward Gaviota. I can understand how the 3 Amigos felt in their 2002 Tour.