Biking Through Northern California

[Note: most of my nor cal pictures (days 16 - 21) have been lost]

I feel like finally coming into my own in Northern California, finding my own rhythm and confident that I'd be completing this trip after all. I was also psyched about biking towards the Bay Area. Northern California was no doubt the most challenging section of the trip (foggy, windy, steep). Yet despite that and the fact that I did not get as many sunny days as I got in Oregon, I saw enough of the unspoiled coasts to feel priviledged biking here. Unfortunately, I lost most of the pictures, including those in the Redwood forests (along with Sis' Oregon pictures) when the roll of film I mailed out near Standish-Hickey never got home...

Since I was arriving the Bay Area on a weekend, I decided to pass up on the weekend traffic and visit an old friend instead. Bypassing San Francisco didn't seem like such a big deal since I had lived in the area and had biked the area extensively (Marine County, the City, and Skyline from the City to the Santa Cruz mountains). However, in retrospect, I wished I hadn't skipped this section ... it made the trip feel somewhat less complete.

Day 22 Scenic detour through foggy Mendocino Head Lands.
Day 22 I didn't think I took enough countryside pictures - so here is one.
Day 22 And another with cows.
Day 23 Self-portrait: Inside Fort Ross with cannons in the background.
Day 23 Self-portrait: Inside Fort Ross with community well in the background.
Day 23 Inside living quarters at Fort Ross. I was taken by the trap door with the hand rails.
Day 23 This shot that was supposed to show a steep, winding road rising into the fog...
Day 23 A serene section on the way to Bogeda.
Day 24 Towards Point Reyes: thousands of sheep in the countryside.
Day 24 Towards Point Reyes: peaceful flat road near Valley Ford.
Day 24 Towards Point Reyes: near Tomales Bay.
Day 24 At 1908 San Andreas fault line with buddy Sean from grad school.
Day 24 Another shot to better show the dislocated fence.
Day 24 Near the Point Reyes Lighthouse.