7/26/2003, Elk Prairie, rest day

About to sleep now. Today was a relaxing day. I did a 10 mile hike in the morning to Fern Canyon. Got some great picts of elks near the beach and the beautiful Fern Canyon (narrow, steep fern covered canyon with a stream running through it). Also copied down the poem etched next to a pair of facing benches on a wooden bridge.

     You shall walk where only the wind has walked before
     And when all music is stilled
     You shall hear the singing of the stream
     And enter the living shelter of the forest.
                    -- John Glascock Baldwin

After the hike, I stretched, looked over the route to San Francisco, and familiarized myself with Adventure Cycling maps (upon which I decided to depend more in California). I had tuna casserole for both lunch and dinner.

My feet is still a little tingly, but I think more from the cold than anything else. Also while hiking, the arch of my right feet would ocassionally send shooting pains. Does my feet need more arch support than that given by my sandles? Despite this, I feel rested up and am looking forward to tomorrow and the Northern California tour!

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