7/27/2003 9pm, Elk Prairie to River Walk RV and Campground, 75.07 miles

Today must have been my best day of the tour! I started out early and was promptly blocked by a herd of elks before I even left camp! Two male elks stood their ground as I edged my bike within just a few feet: it took several more minutes [ok maybe 30 or so seconds] of intense stare offs before they blinked and decided to let me pass.

Soon afterwards, I was biking through gentle, beautiful fog and passing lovely lakes and lagoons. Next up was the scenic coastlines via Patricks Point Dr. Biking along the back roads from McKinleyville to Arcata (recommended by the Adventure Cycling maps but not the book) was an awesome treat! I rode on shaded trails, quaint one-lane country roads (so close to the sheeps, cattle, etc. that I easily read their tag numbers and could have easily hand fed them), and crossed a charming, narrow bridge.

Biking through Eureka took me through Henderson bike shop (looking for reflector stickers) and an Ace hardward store (got a wooden pole for the reflectors stickers I never found), and a row of well preserved Victorian houses. Since the scenary was only moderate after Eureka and since there were not any state parks in the area, I decided to zip along to Fortuna. On the way, I took a small detour away from the highway through Loleta, a detour which turned out to be quite enjoyable.

At camp, I got to do laundary in a washer (finally - first of the trip) and soak my tired feet in a hot tub. I had dinner at Denny's right across street.

Tomorrow I will return to the Redwoods. I can't wait!

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