7/28/2003 5:30 pm, River Walk RV and Campground, Fortuna to Hidden Springs Campgrounds, Humbodt State park - 35.00 miles

I started out the day with a rear flat. I had to fix it on the freeway onramp because I didn't notice it earlier. The flat delayed me by about half an hour.

It was good going after that. I had planned this to be a short day and was I glad I did. Temperature quickly soared into the 90's by 10 a.m. or so. A store owner told me temperature was over 100 in the shade the day before!

I made a couple of side trips before getting into camp around 11, including a small hike around Founder's Loop.

After arriving at camp, I found a nice, turqoise-blue water hole in the Eel River to swim. By the time I got out of the river around 2 pm, the air felt like an oven.

I have already done a few things at camp today: showered, done laundary, called Grace, called Abel (about my 1995 M.S. degree that was never awarded), retaped my handlebar tape, stretched (on top of a Redwood tree stump), and planned tomorrow's trip.

I'm going to try to leave as early as possible tomorrow, leaving by 5:15 and finishing by 11 if possible. This heat is almost as bad as a mid-day LA summer! Got to go and patch my flat from earlier today.

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