7/29/2003 noon, Hidden Springs Campgrounds to Standish-Hickey State Park - 40.50 miles

I got up at about 4:15 and was ready to ride before 5:20, but it was still dark. Since my handlebar still blocked my front light (I haven't fixed that yet), I had to wait a few minutes (till after 5:30) before I gingerly started off.

I didn't stop much, stopping only to eat and buy snacks. The ride was ok. The scenary was moderate - narrow, winding, foresty roads (ok, I'm spoiled) - which suited me fine as it allowed me to focus on riding.

I got to camp at 10:30 - after getting some help along the way. One section of the 101 was under repair and only had one lane open. To faciliate traffic, the repair crew got me to ride in their pilot car all the way up "Confusion Hill" - which saved me about 1 mile of uphill riding! When I asked what they were fixing, one workcrew told me, "the road is moving."

7/29/2003 2:30pm

Just came back from swimming and mailing home extra tent stakes and a completed disposable camera. The swimming hole here was very large and popular. There must have been 40-50 people in the water or sunbathing on the "beach." The whole scene was very festive, entire families with their beach towels, umbrellas, beach balls, and various floating contraptions. Despite the crowd, it was still a refreshing swim, especially since it was hotter today than even yesterday!

Oh by the way, I just learned that the many fish I saw swimming in the river yesterday were probably just "Scrawls" - non-native, pests accidentally introduced into the area a few years ago. Oh well...

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