7/31/2003, MacKerricher Beach to Gualala Point Regional Park, 69.00 miles

Today turned out to be a pure riding day. I had originally planned several side trips, including visits to Jughandle State Reserve (natural history) and the Pygmy Forest near Van Damme, but detours and visits that got me nowhere convinced me that it was just not my day to explore. I was also disappointed about Mendocino. I had heard so much about it but didn't find anything interesting there. So I biked on, riding past my day's original destination Manchester around noon.

Today was a good riding day. The scenary was nice - ranging from rolling grasslands to rugged coastlines; and the weather was decent - starting out foggy but clearing some time around 11. However, a strong headwind picked almost immediately after 12 noon (like yesterday). Fighting against the headwind became "personal." I imagined angels cheering me on as I battled against the devil's wind. I must have made the devil blink because the wind began tapering off after the next 8 miles or so...

This ride should make tomorrow's long ride easier. I am glad I pushed on also because the camp at Gualala Point is beautiful, set next to a wide, sparkling river. It also has showers (unlike Manchester State Park).

Looking forward to Bodega and the dunes!

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