8/1/2003, Gualala Regional Park to Bogeda Dunes State Park, 48.32 miles

Today's short ride was a bit more strenuous than expected. I started out a little later (at around 6:45 a.m.) than usual because it rained last night, and I wanted to give the roads some time to dry. As it turned out, it wasn't wet roads that was the challenge, but the old nemesis, dense fog. I may need to reconsider the wisdom of early starts now that I am in earnest fog country, but for today, I continued gingerly - mile by mile, town by town. I arrived at Fort Ross a little before 10 am (did you know that the Russians once had a colony in California?), which was perfect since the park opens at 10.

I stayed about an hour and thought the replica fort was very nice. Then I continued on, with the dense fog still lingering. The section between Fort Ross and Jenner was, as advertised, arduous. It was purportedly dangerous (as the road snaked precipitously along vertical cliffs), but I couldn't tell because of the dense fog!

Towards Jenner, the road made a dramatic set of switchbacks to get back to sea level - it was a famous scene I have seen in many postcards before. Other than the fog, today's ride was pretty nice. Not too cold, and not much headwind.

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