8/2/2003, Bogeda Dunes State Park to Point Reyes Information Center, 38.42 miles

I got an early start and rode into Point Reyes Information Center at slightly after 10 a.m. It was a smooth easy ride that was interrupted only by a slight chain problem. After meeting up with Sean at the Information Center, we took a short hike along the Earth Quake Trail (which meadered along the San Andreas fault and featured a fence split during the 1908 quake). Afterwards, we drove down to visit the famous Point Reyes Lighthouse. The weather was just perfect for hiking and exploring.

Afterwards, we drove to the City to watch "Matrix Reloaded" on the Metreon IMAX. The city was as stunning as I remembered it. Later that night, Sean fixed a big, yummy salmon dinner, which was by far the best meal I had had in my trip!

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