Biking Through Oregon

I met up with Sis in Oregon at Cannon Beach. We were lucky, encountering great weather throughout the state. Six of our seven days were completely sunny - almost unheard of for the Oregon coast. Sis and I had a great time. It's too bad that I lost her roll of film later in California. Among the pictures missing are our celebratory poses at Brookings and the California agricultural checkpoint.

Day 9 Meeting up with Sis at Cannon Beach. Those sea stacks to our left were supposedly the most popularly sea stacks in Oregon.
Day 9 Overlooking Nehalem Bay.
Day 10 Inside the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
Day 10 Diana and Sis outside the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
Day 10 Sis stretching and enjoying the scenery at Cape Meres.
Day 10 Octopus tree! The wind has "mis"-configured the Sitka Spruce into this contorted shape.
Day 10 Another scenic view from Cape Meres.
Day 10 Halfway between the North Pole and the Equator has to mean something!
Day 10 Cape Foulweather - one last hill to go before Beverley Beach. The fog (fortunately not wind) obligatorily enshrined this hill even this late in the afternoon.
Day 11 Self-portrait: approaching Beverley Beach.
Day 12 Self-portrait: saw-carved figures such as these seem to be very popular in this part of Oregon.
Day 12 Somewhere near (picturesque) Yachats and Cape Creek - look at that tail wind and (unfortunately) fog.
Day 12 Seal Caves (picture cropped because of bad exposure).
Day 12 Darlington Botanical Gardens - those are native carnivorous plants in the back!
Day 12 Self-portrait: with sand blowing into my eyes, I quickly took this shot at the top of a sand dune in Honeyman State Park and turned back.
Day 12 Sliding down a sand dune in Honeyman State Park.
Day 13 Umpqua lighthouse - the first in the Oregon Territories.
Day 13 Sis and I resting at a scenic turnout.
Day 13 Suddenly realizing I had not been taking enough pictures of these coastlines, I got trigger happy in Sunset State Park. This was the first of several shots I took while hiking there.
Day 13 I took this picture because this showed a prototypical Oregon coastline (far away in the center is Cape Argo Lighthouse).
Day 13 The deers bolted after I started fumbling for the camera.
Day 13 In the center of the Botanical Garden in Sunset State Park.
Day 13 Self-portrait: in the Asian garden inside the Botanical Garden.
Day 13 Ok - last pict in Sunset Bay - I with the stunning coastline, sunshine, and surf.
Day 14 In Brendon, Table Rock - to the right.
Day 14 Face Rock - in the center. Take my facial profile as a hint if you can't see it.
Day 14 Self-portrait: this scarry picture ought to be censored, but I like the dinosaur to the right.
Day 14 Sis coasting down a section of the old Coast Highway.
Day 15 It got a bit windy here, but who was I to complain? Imagine what that tree must have endured.
Day 15 Resting after flying down a hill. As you can see, I have mastered the art of synchronized blink also.
Day 15 I wanna be a history buff...
Day 15 Here is Arch Rock (a sign said so)...
Day 15 Beautiful coastline...
Day 15 Thunder Rock Cove - for all I care, they could have named this "Arch Rock."
Day 15 Or this...
Day 15 I guess we just don't get tired of arch type rocks. First Sis...
Day 15 Then I.