Biking Through Southern California

Southern California felt like one Big Homecoming Party. I passed through so many familiar landmarks: Santa Barbara, Malibu, Venice Beach, Dana Point, La Jolla - just to name a few. The weather, as expected, was perfect - partly cloudy, 60-70s, with a slight tailwind. While the terrain was much less challenging compared to Central Californian, there were plenty of urban distractions to keep me interested.

Besides, Sou Cal wasn't all that easy. The L.A. ride was 90 miles long through busy city traffic. The ride through the Camp Pendleton area is tricky now that the camp is closed to cyclists (following 911). All in all, Southern California made a memorable ending to an unforgettable trip. The landscape was welcoming; the people familiar; and the riding soothing...

Day 31 Biking through the beaches of Santa Barbara.
Day 31 I have always wondered if this island was man-made or not.
Day 32 I love L.A.!
Day 32 Mom, GrandMom, and I at camp in Malibu.
Day 32 Another shot to make sure I didn't blink!
Day 33 Predawn start for the long haul across L.A.
Day 33 Moses - my kickass kickboxing teacher - and I.
Day 33 My old colleagues at work. From left to right: Edwin (marketer), Judi (accountant), myself (slacker), and Jane (I-can-do-anything-er).
Day 33 Peter and I.
Day 33 Looking south in Long Beach.
Day 34 San Juan Capistrano Mission: the original charter memorialized.
Day 34 San Juan Capistrano Mission: an original confessional.
Day 34 San Juan Capistrano Mission: middle of the courtyard. They were hosting an art contest of some sort that week; those are painters you see talking in the back.
Day 34 San Juan Capistrano Mission: quiet chaple.
Day 34 San Juan Capistrano Mission: original bells and walls - currently under renovation.
Day 34 San Onfre Nuclear Plant: the second of two nuclear plants I passed on my trip. I was riding north when I took this shot - shortly before I got pulled over on Interstate 5.
Day 34 The culprit: a prominent ship in the center of the exercise that has delayed me in San Onfre.
Day 34 At San Onfre State Park - last camp of the trip.
Day 35 Torry Pines. They look like normal pines to me, but supposedly they are rare and only found in this area (with some close relatives on the Channel Islands a few hundred miles to the north).
Day 35 Torry Pines peninsula, overlooking Del Mar to the north.
Day 35 World-famous Scripps institute in La Jolla.
Day 35 Bike paths along Mission Beach.
Day 35 Crossing San Diego River and overlooking the city.
Day 35 Broadway and Harbor. I'll call this the end of my trip!