2003 Pacific Coast Bike Trip

Special Thanks

While I'd like to brag that this is a solo trip, so many things had to come together to make it to happen. I am especially grateful for the help and support from the following people, in no particular order.

  • Mom - Thanks for sending all those care packages - especially when I needed them the most!
  • Sean Hu - Thanks for taking me in, preparing that dinner, and treating me to the "Matrix Reloaded" on the Metreon IMAX. That's definitely appreciated in light of my previous three weeks on the saddle!
  • Steven Chan, M.D. - Thanks for being my doctor on-call while I was on the road. Without that suggestion about cushioning my numbing foot, I'd probably have had to cut the trip short!
  • Eric Lechner - Thanks for an instructive and inspiring website and for answering my last minute questions before I got started on my trip!
  • Sis - Thanks for the camelbak, trailer, portable sink, stove...and so many other things. Couldn't have done it without your help!
  • Grace Lee - Thanks to my girlfriend for understanding how important this bike trip was (is) to me.