2003 Pacific Coast Bike Trip


The following is a brief desription of my training regemen. Anyone with proper training and motivation can do the trip. Case in point (not to pick on you or anything Sis): my sister picked up her bike only about half a year earlier and she rode hilly Oregon coast with nada a problem! The resources I used included many good advice on training.

  • I began planning for the trip in January, about 6 months before my trip but did not begin training in earnest until after April 15, when I had to take the Patent Bar Examination (I passed by the way, and my USPTO license number is 54,559!).
  • Before April 15: I did most of my riding on the weekend - probably 3-5 hours per weekend. During the weekdays, I did my regular workout consisting of kick boxing, aerobics, running, yoga, and weights.
  • After April 15: I centered most of my workout around biking. On Monday, Wedsneday and Fridays, I did 2 hour bike rides from Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach (about 25 miles roundtrip along the beach) before work. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I did weights. On weekends, I train in the hills, riding around 40-45 miles with elevation gains of about 3000 ft. on one of the days and around 20-25 miles with elevatation gains of about 1500 ft. on the other.
  • Pretrip shakedown cruise: around mid June, I did a pretrip shakedown cruise with my sister to test out our eqipments and riding skills. We rode about 65 miles from Pasadena to Dana Point, along the San Gabriel River and Highway 1; camped at Doheney; and biked back along the same route the next day.
  • I stopped training about one week before my start date - not because I wanted to, but because I took off to visit my girl friend in Cincinnatti. I was a little worried about the lull in training, but I don't think the week off hurt me at all.