Biking Through British Columbia and Washington

Though this section of the trip was my most difficult (road closures, strong headwinds, major equipment problems), it was also among my most memorable. The views along Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and mountainous 101 were awesome, but I also had to learn quickly to deal with traffic on long sections of winding, shoulderless roads.

Day 1 Since my camera broke, I didn't get a picture of Vancouver. But this was still Canada, somewhere along King George's Hwy. I was taking a rest break by the feed store and had first mistaken this plastic prop to be a real horse!
Day 1 My first camp - surprisingly beautiful Birch Bay State Park.
Day 2 Lummi Island ferry dock (one of many ferry docks I will pass in Washington) along scenic Bellingham Bay.
Day 2 Riding up a little hill after a huge pancake breakfast in the port of Bellingham.
Day 3 Deception Pass Bridge in early morning. It was very peaceful and beautiful there. I decided to walk across the bridge to soak in the mesmerizing currents and scenary. Too bad I did not take more pictures...
Day 3 Somewhere along Scenic Heights Rd. in Whidbey Island: I saw lots of platforms (barges?) like these in the area. I thought they were harvesting oysters.
Day 4 Near the famous "L" of Hoodcanal.
Day 7 A logging operation I passed along the way between Hoodsport and Mentesano.
Day 7 Satsop Nuclear Plant - the first of two nuclear power plant I encountered between Vancouver and San Diego. An engineer at heart, I had to take this picture.
Day 7 Time to ditch the bad tire that held me up for two days at Potlatch. My disposable camera was not able to focus clearly on the cracks that ran all around the circumference though.
Day 7 Lake Sylvia - over a hill North of Montesano - was a quiet, reflective place despite the many families and kids there on summer break.
Day 8 After a little hike up Cape Disappointment (named by the fur trader Meares, who had dreamt of finding a major river route inland), I decided to take a little "self-portrait" (camera in extended hand) looking out to the ocean. This is where the westward trek of Lewis and Clark's expedition ended.
Day 8 Cape Disappointment - river view.
Day 8 Cape Disappointment Lighthouse - the oldest operating lighthouse in the Pacific Northwest. It didn't seem to be operating when I was there though.
Day 8 Leaving Washington, I took a "self-portrait" by a Lewis-Clark Historic Landmark statute.