Day 3 - Kremmling to Horseshoe Campgrounds

Isn't this idyllic country?

Looks like a dormant volcano.

This is what I call good housekeeping!

Seren fisherman on Williams Fork Reservoir.

I made a birdhouse exactly like this one when I was in Junior High!

Williams Fork at campground.

Camping in a great forest - what more can I ask for?

Hiking around camp before big thunderclouds (and a snake) chased me back.

Kathy practices some bow moves at camp.

John and Frank cooking.

The crew starts the bear bagging show.

An audience gathers...

8/17/2004 (Tuesday) - Red Mountain RV Campground, Kremmling to Horseshoe Campgrounds, 29.35 Miles.

I like this primative yet beautiful campground. I think it is even more beautiful than the Lynx Pass campground because the Williams Fork of the Colorado runs right through it. Today's ride was easy - even by normal (as opposed to bike touring) standards. The first group of us arrived at camp around 11:10 a.m. (and I did not leave camp until after 7:40 a.m.!). The ride started mellow along rolling terrains on wide, well-groomed dirt roads and got only slightly harder after Williams Fork Reservoir.

After arriving at camp, Kathy, Ken, and I chatted and milled about lazily. I slowly sat up camp after taking my time picking out a "perfect" campsite under a grove of trees by the stream. During the afternoon, I dipped in the river several times, never completely immersing myself because it was too cold. The sky was cloudy and the temperature remained on the cool side. The river was cool and refreshing and would have been perfect under a bright warm sun. Thunderstorms threatened and winds blew consistently throughout the afternoon.

I took a short little hike outside the campgrounds around 5 p.m. when the rain never materialized but quickly turned back less than 15 minutes into the hike when a bout of lightening and thunder started in earnest and after I ran across a gray snake (picture didn't turn out) in the middle of the road... The winds continued, the ominous clouds gathered, and I huddled close to camp. But the heavy rain never came.

Tomorrow, we head to Frisco where we'll have a layover day. The view at Ute Pass tomorrow should be awesome. We are also looking forward to some kayaking or white water rafting the day after during our layover day (never happened - we would encounter a big storm instead)!