Day 6 - Dillon Reservoir to Selkirk Campgrounds

Snow blower before the long, wet ascent up Boreas Pass.

Wet muddy road up Boreas Pass.

Aspen tunnel.

Something out of "Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter"?

More misty, wet climb for me.

Baker's Tank - water for coal-powered steam locomotives.

Boreas Pass - original car train.

Quick pose before heading into cabin for hot cocos - courtesy of the rangers.

Boreas Pass - Kathy and Ken resting by preserved tracks.

Boreas Pass - Frank and Nita taking a breather.

Ken coasting down from Boreas Pass.

All bundled up - with Selkirg in background.

8/19/2004 (Thursday) - Heaton Bay Campgrounds, Dillon Reservoir to Selkirk Campgrounds, 29.93 Miles.

I did not have a good day of biking today. First I got lost in Frisco (losing the signed bike paths - reminiescent of my Steamboat experience). Then the weather got wet, cold, and misty as I climbed Boreas Pass. When I had my rain gear on, I would get too hot, and my glasses would fog up. But riding without my rain gear invited hypothermia and was not an option. The ride up Boreas Pass wasn't supposed to be tough, but between the wet muddy road, the rain, the bulky clothing, and my mirror problems (my helmet mirrow clip snapped a couple of days ago; I thought I had cleverly fixed it with a Bob pin and duct tape, but the mirrow ended up slipping off the clip with every bump along the road. I eventually attached my mirror to my glasses but would not find a comfortable position until tomorrow), I thought the climb was on the difficult side. Almost everyone else in the group enjoyed today's ride though. Supposedly they didn't get any rain during the ascent to Boreas Pass. I usually ride up front to avoid the afternoon thunderstorms. But being in front did not keep me dry today.

After giving this trip a little reflection, I have concluded that this tour isn't as fun as my last one. I don't think I like group trips. I miss the feeling of uncertainty at the beginning of each day and individual sense of accomplishment that I felt after every day of riding in my last trip... In contrast to the freedom of a personaltrip, everything seemed so pre-planned in a group trip. I don't understand: I am still biking through beautiful country, and I am still peddling my own load, but I don't feel that refreshed.

Anyways, back to today's ride. Kathy and I visited the ranger at the cabin at the top of the pass together. I had originally wanted to hike to a local peak to get better views but soon decided against it as the wind picked up. It was good too since it would start hailing at the pass within an hour or so.

Today featured a slightly longer ride for this trip: Ken and I arrived at camp shortly before 1 p.m. After arriving at camp, I spent some time picking a spot that I thought would not flood my tent if it were to rain. I then dried off my stuffs and did a quick body wipe by the stream. I also helped with some group activities such as putting up tarps for the cooks.