Day 7 - Selkirk Campgrounds to Hartsel Springs Ranch

Bob enjoying his early morning climb.

Beautiful Selkirg Valley in the back.

Kathy, Nancy, and Sherry looking onto Colombo.

Wide-open Colorado country.

Cresting a short climb.

Looking to the clearing horizon.

Another set of beautiful cabins.

Line of bikers.

Flashing the V-sign to Mike.

Looking into Hartsel while taking a shortcut.

Hartsel Ranch - Mommy horse got tired of me by the time I found my camera.

Yep - we are in the wild, wild west!

8/21/2004 (Saturday) - Selkirk Campgrounds to Hartsel Springs Ranch, 37.49 miles.

Today's ride was my most enjoyable of this trip so far. It ranks almost right up there with my Eureka ride last year. The terrain was rolling throughout the day, and the weather was perfect: low 60's with many patches of clouds for shade. We even got periodic tailwinds throughout the day. I biked rhythmically and strongly and got to camp shortly before 11:45 a.m. - after having left camp after 8 a.m. (we all left late because Michael cooked up an awesome continental breakfast for us all). Today also marks the day I stopped carrying my group gear as my skillet and cutting boards were tucked away in Michael's truck somewhere.... ;-)

For a little fun on the side, we also have an unsettled dispute on whether Bob or I should be crowned the "Champion" of the day. While I arrived at camp first, with Bob arriving about 20 minutes later, I also took a 4 mile shortcut. I felt that whoever arrived first should win. Bob felt that I should be technically disqualified...

Since we are lodging and not camping tonight, there wasn't much to do but to talk and relax in the afternoon. I dried my tent (finally!), laundered my clothing, showered, joined others for several snack breaks, "lobbied" more for votes that I was not "technically disqualified," took several naps, played Frisbee with David, John, and Betsy, and packed for tomorrow's ride.

We had dinner at Hob's - the only restaurant in Hartsel. Michael gave us a ride into town on his pickup truck. We jokingly asked Bob, as "the man who came in second," to be "responsible for tips." We also swapped stories, including Michael's on his ordeal sailing through a hurricane and Bob on the real story behind his saying "you are all rings"... Many of us ordered Buffalo Burger. The house fries were ok, but most of us thought that the burgers were too dry.