2003 Pacific Coast Bike Trip


Biking through Deception Pass, WA. Sis and I by the Octopus Tree, OR. Biking through Santa Barabara, CA.

Summer of 2003 was a period of transition from work back to school, and I wanted to take some time off. Since I was leaving the West Coast (where I grew up) for the East, I thought what better way to gain perspectives than to see my home coast bicycling and camping through it!

The trip was a very rewarding experience. I met people from all walks of life from all over the world; saw a part of the country in a way I would never forget; and proved I could travel safely and independently on my own. The following pages consist of my journals and pictures. To hear a song I composed right after the trip in memory of this trip, click here, or right click here to download an mp3. Enjoy!